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Buy PrimaSELECT PLA Tough 3D printer filament

In SELECT Tough PLA we used the well-known SELECT PLA formula and optimized for high impact resistance. The result is a new kind of filament that we call “Tough”. It has been engineered for strength and durability and put up a fight against ABS.

This is why you should use SELECT Tough PLA:
  • Drastic enhanced PLA material properties
  • High impact resistance
  • Low warping
  • Low shrinking
  • 3D print – Easy like regular PLA
Higher impact resistance than regular PLA.

Tough PLA has a much higher impact resistance than regular PLA.

Tough PLA filament is perfect for additive manufacturing large & super large objects

Tough PLA filament is ideal for additive manufacturing of large & super large objects, like working prototypes and functional object. Thanks to its superior material formula you don’t need to worry about warping and delamination. The material is just as easy to work with as our regular PLA – just much stronger.

3D print easy like regular PLA filament

Tough PLA filament 3D prints easy like regular PLA. Set the temperature to 210 225°C depending on model, 3D printer and color.Fans should be set to 100% and the heated build plate should be used at a temperature of 60°C-80°C. We recommend PrimaFIX for extra adhesion.

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