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PrimaSelect NylonPower Carbon Fiber – The latest generation of high-performance filament for your 3D printer

PrimaSelect NylonPower Carbon Fiber is part of the latest generation of high-performance filaments for your 3D printer. The filament is based on nylon 12 and is 20% reinforced with carbon fibres. This composition results in an optimally resistant material. The nylon-carbon filament is perfect for the additive manufacturing of components for the automotive industry, drone construction and RC parts.

Material properties PrimaSelect NylonPower Carbon Fiber:
  • High chemical and thermal resistance
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Less warping than regular nylon
  • Easy to 3D print
  • Creates very strong parts
3D printing of very strong parts from NylonPower and carbon fibre

PrimaSelect NylonPower Carbon Fiber is an extremely useful material with very special material properties. In this filament, the nylon is reinforced with small, cut carbon fibre strands. PrimaSelect NylonPower Filament gives you incredible stiffness, structure and excellent ply adhesion.

NylonPower filament with carbon is easy to process

NylonPower is also very easy to process and has a matte finish. The perfect 3D prints are very stiff, rigid and ideal if you need an object with a high stiffness to weight ratio. To process PrimaSelect NylonPower filament, use a heated 3D print bed – set at 60 ˚C – to achieve good adhesion of the first layer to the build platform.

Process NylonPower Carbon Fibre with a Steel Nozzle

Due to the highly abrasive properties of PrimaSelect NylonPower (the nozzle of the Nozzle wears out quickly due to abrasion) we recommend that you use a hardened steel nozzle for this filament. Using a normal brass nozzle is no problem, but the nozzle will wear out in a short time.

PrimaSelect NylonPower adheres to adhesive spray or glass coated with an adhesive suitable for PA.

Material properties of PrimaSelect NylonPower Carbon Fiber:
  • Weight and coil: Each spool comes with 500 grams of high quality filament. NylonPower comes packaged on a clear spool with a strong desiccant to prevent moisture.
  • Perfect diameter tolerance: NylonPower filament is controlled throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures that you get a filament with a diameter tolerance of +/-0.05 mm.
  • Perfect spooling: We have gone to great lengths to make every spool of filament perfect. Be sure that the filament will not tangle on the spool.
  • Easy 3D printing: The carbon fibres mixed with nylon makes this material very easy to process on most 3D printers. We recommend a hardened nozzle.
Tips and tricks for processing PrimaSelect NylonPower with carbon fibres on your 3D printer

Find here tips and tricks for processing PrimaSelect NylonPower with Carbon Fibre on your 3D printer.

Keep your nylon carbon filament away from moisture

The carbon fibres contained in PrimaSelect NylonPower reduce the amount of water that can be absorbed. However, for optimal processing you should take care to keep the filament away from moisture and protect it.

To do this, you must store PrimaCreator NylonPower in a dry place immediately after unpacking. The filament is supplied in a vacuum-sealed bag with desiccant so that the first 3D print is successful immediately and you get a perfect result.

If it has been exposed to moisture, we strongly recommend that you dry your NylonPower carbon fibre filament before 3D printing. Simply place the entire spool in the oven at 80°C for 5 to 7 hours. This will dry your spool and you can start a new 3D print.

Optimal processing temperature of PrimaSelect NylonPower

PrimaSelect NylonPower requires an extruder temperature of 250 - 265 °C for optimal extrusion. This NylonPower filament can be processed on most 3D printers. However, we strongly recommend using a full metal extruder for higher temperatures. PrimaSelect NylonPower carbon fibre filament can also be processed at lower temperatures. However, always keep in mind that you will not get the same strength in the finished parts at lower temperatures.

The filament contains carbon fibres, making it very abrasive to your nozzle. We strongly recommend that you use a hardened steel nozzle for this filament, as a normal brass nozzle will be worn down by the nylon filament in no time.

Larger 0.6 or 0.8 mm nozzles produce very strong 3D prints and reduce the risk of clogging the nozzle of your nozzle. However, you can also use it with a 0.4 mm Nozzle.

NylonPower carbon fibre does not adhere well to PEI, BuildTak or similar surfaces. Glass is the best surface to use with Magigoo, PrintaFix, PVA-based glue stick or other adhesives. Turn off your fan when 3D printing with NylonPower.

Buy PrimaSelect NylonPower Carbon Fiber and get the latest generation of high-performance filament for your 3D printer.

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