PrimaCreator™ EasyPrint FLEX 95A - 1.75mm - 1 kg - Transparent

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PRIMACREATOR™ EASYPRINT FLEX 95AEasyPrint FLEX TPU - Flexible Filament from PrimaCreator

EasyPrint FLEX TPU is the latest flexible filament from PrimaCreator. This 3D printer filament was developed with a focus on durability, flexibility and ease of use. The filament is made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), one of the most commonly used polymers for flexible 3D printing materials. Now benefit from the advantages of TPU and easy processing. The material has minimal warping, low material shrinkage, is very durable and resistant to most chemicals and oils.

Why should I use EasyPrint FLEX TPU as flexible filament?
  • Due to the Shore hardness of 95A it is very easy to process
  • Perfect spooling, no more tangled filament
  • Easy to process with a wide temperature range of 180°C - 230°C
  • Perfectly uniform round
  • Perfect diameter tolerance within +/-0.05mm
  • Smart length indicator on spool
  • UV resistant
Flexible filament with high shore hardness enables easy processing

EasyPrint FLEX TPU has a Shore hardness of 95 A. This corresponds roughly to the rubber heel of a shoe or a shopping wheel. Furthermore, the flexible filament is very easy to process with most 3D printers thanks to its relatively high Shore hardness. Also use it with your Bowden setup 3D printers, such as Ultimaker or BCN3D Sigma. The filament does not require a direct drive 3D printer (DirectDrive extruder).

"Semi-flex" filament enables a wide range of applications

The "semi-flex" formula in this filament is wonderful. Control your 3D prints and their flexibility simply by the internal filling of your parts. Want a flexible, easy-to-fold structure that compresses easily and always returns to its original shape? Then EasyPrint FLEX TPU is your filament. Just 3D print it with less infill. If you use more infill, you'll get a 3D print that's more like hard rubber (think care tires). Benefit from a very wide range of applications with PrimaCreator EasyPrint FLEX TPU. For example, 3D print handles for bicycles, shock absorbers, rubber seals and insoles for shoes. PrimaCreator TPU has a massive elongation at break of 400%.

Low material shrinkage - less warping

Due to the very low material shrinkage, EasyPrint FLEX TPU is very easy to process with all FDM/FFF printers. EasyPrint FLEX has very little tendency to warp & warping. 3D printing also works well without a heated build platform. However, for larger 3D prints and best results, we recommend a heated build plate. The temperature setting of 40-60 °C and a coating with PrimaFIX ensure very good adhesion of the first layer.

Make sure your TPU filament is stored in a dry place

Please note that TPU is hygroscopic, which means it tends to absorb water. Therefore, store it airtight and protected from moisture in a closed container or bag with a dehumidifier. If your TPU filament ever gets wet, you can always dry it for about 1 hour at 70° C in your baking oven. After that, the filament is dry and can be processed like new.

With EasyPrint FLEX filament, you'll get more 3D prints!

TPU filament: tips for good 3D printing results
  • Low speed 3D printing, 15-30 mm/s
  • Use a heated print bed if available
  • Always keep your filament stored dry

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