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Do you have problems with warping and your 3D prints don't stick to the platform? Magigoo adhesive is your solution

MAGIGOO is an easy-to-use 3D printing adhesive designed to solve the problem of the first non-sticky layer (warping). This is the most common problem in 3D printing with fused filament technology (FFF / FDM). Warping occurs when 3D printing detaches from the manufacturing platform. Perfecting the first layer is essential to obtain a solid base for the rest of 3D printing. MAGIGOO helps to obtain the perfect first coat, ensuring you perfect 3D prints. This will save you time, filament and nerves. MAGIGOO has been specially designed for use with PLA and ABS filaments.

MAGIGOOs Double Whammy – Reduce warping

MAGIGOO is a revolutionary new product to reduce warping. It has maximum adhesive properties at the operating temperature of PLA and ABS filaments. Furthermore, MAGIGOO allows 3D prints to easily detach once the object has cooled, making 3D printing a lot easier.

MAGIGOO, the 3D printing adhesive, comes with an easy-to-use applicator that is simple to apply on the building plate. The 3D printing adhesive paste must be able to dry completely before starting your production. It is best to follow the computer graphics and instructions that explain how to apply the paste to the building plate to benefit from the advantages of MAGIGOO.

We ensure that MAGIGOO is safe for you, other users and for the environment by using environmentally friendly materials.MAGIGOO is easily cleaned with water, the most universal and easily accessible solvent! After each 3D print, the building plate must be cleaned with a damp cloth. This will eliminate excessive accumulation of MAGIGOO.

What happens after 3D printing – How to remove Magigoo adhesive?

MAGIGOO's adhesive materials are designed to release 3D prints simply once the plate has cooled. You will hear a distinct crunching sound for ABS and PLA through the chilling process. Once cooled, you can easily remove your 3D prints without using tools and without the need for force.

MAGIGOO helps to fight against warping which is the most common recurring problem in 3D printing. It is extremely rewarding to have a complete 30-hour 3D print without any deformation and easy release once cooled. It will actually save you costs and troubles.

Solve the problem of warping and stick your 3D prints to the platform with Magigoo.

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