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Similar to cardboard, objects printed with LAYWOODmeta5 have a rough surface with a micro-porous structure that can quickly absorb water and thus expand. This process can be reversed by drying in an air stream.

You probably remember LAYWOO-D3 - the first wood-filled filament that allowed objects with light-dark annual rings to be printed very wood-like. Compared to LAYWOOD, the new material is porous, so it has a lower density (something like balsa wood) that is about half that of standard filaments. Rinsing in water over two days creates open, mycelium-like cell structures. This causes printed objects to float on water - unlike unrinsed parts which have a density comparable to other thermoplastics.

On the 3D printer, the filament is easy to process and adheres to the unheated print bed without warping. The printing temperature should be between 235 and 250°C. By the way, the material can also be labeled with any type of ink after printing.

Main features
  • floats on water, light as Balsa after rinsing in water, can swim, candive, sucks water fast
  • porous, density : ~0 .5 g r / c cm ; rough , feels as cardboard
  • thermal isolating, low thermal conductivity
  • climate responsive (elongation)
  • absorptive carrier for agents
  • print at: 225 – 250°C, cold! plattform
  • zero warp, sticks well as ABS at plattform
  • only 50% density of standard 3d printing filaments
  • contains open cell pores inside after rinsing with water for 2
  • days, dry the object with a fan, not in oven
  • cell structure as mycellium
  • possible to paint with waterbased inks

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