IGUS DRYLIN RJ4JP-01-08 Plastic Bearings - 1 pcs

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Runs smooth with less noise. Without balls, entirely in polymere, this component can work without any lubrication in dusty environment. 

Lubricant-free, accurate, easy and thereby quick to install. These are clearly and briefly the advantages of the new solid plastic bearing made of iglidur® J4 in Japanese dimension. In Ø 8 mm, the cost-effective drylin® bearing provides the lubricant-free alternative to conventional ball bearings in 3D printers.

Lubricant-free alternative to ball bearings with Japan dimensions


Quickly installed, secured by circlips

Delivery: from stock

Light and clean


solid plastic


Part No. d1 d2 B B1 s dn      RJ4JP-01-08 8 15 24 17.5 1.1 14.3

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