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Top EasyPrint PLA Filament from PrimaCreator for your 3D printer

EasyPrint PLA filament is PrimaCreator's most innovative PLA material. The filament consists of 100% pure PLA granulate. This PLA filament feels slightly softer than normal PLA material. Furthermore, it is more pliable, making it perfect for all 3D printers, including devices with a Bowden extruder setup.

Product features of EasyPrint PLA:
  • 3D print EasyPrint PLA filament very easily on your 3D printer
  • Process in a wide temperature range of 185 - 220 °C
  • Consistent roundness and diameter tolerance within +/- 0.02 mm
  • EasyPrint PLA filament comes perfectly wound on a roll without torsion
  • Intelligent filament display for constant & clear overview
3D print easily with PLA filament

3D print EasyPrint PLA filament very easily due to the extremely low material shrinkage. The risk of warping is very low with EasyPrint PLA during processing on your FFF/FDM 3D printer. Make good 3D prints with EasyPrint PLA filament even without a heated build platform.

Process this PLA filament in a wide temperature range

Thanks to the high quality of the material and the absence of additives, you can 3D print this filament in a very wide temperature range. The recommended extruder temperature is 185 - 220 °C.

Perfect spooling for easy and fast 3D printing

Even at first sight you can see the perfect filament winding of your EasyPrint material spool. Each web and layer is wound perfectly – without overlapping or crossing the previous layer. This ensures that the filament doesn't get tangled and minimises problems, even when you're making very long 3D prints.

Intelligent filament display

Is there enough filament left for my 3D print? EasyPrint PLA answers this question clearly. Each material spool has an intelligent length indicator. Quickly and easily see how much PLA filament is left on the spool and whether it is enough for your part or you need to change the roll.

Tight packaging for dry material

EasyPrint PLA is supplied on a clear spool. This is vacuum sealed and contains desiccant to ensure a low moisture content. Buy EasyPrint Premium PLA filament now for easy and high-quality 3D printing.

Good adhesion to Buildtak, glass plate with glue stick or spray.

EasyPrint PLA filament has good adhesion to Buildtak, glass plate with glue stick or spray. For best results - even with larger 3D prints - we recommend you use a heated build platform. Set the temperature of your build platform to 40 - 60 °C to improve layer adhesion. In principle, however, 3D printing without a heated platform is also possible.

EasyPrint PLA filament has a consistent diameter with little tolerance

EasyPrint PLA 3D printer filament is one of the best and easiest to process 3D printing filaments on the market. It has a consistent diameter and a low diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02 mm. This PLA filament is quality controlled throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures that you receive a perfect filament spool with consistent properties with every order. This optimizes your 3D prints and avoids clogging of the nozzle of your 3D printer.

Material data:
  • Recommended extruder temperature: 185 - 220 °C
  • Density: 1.25 g/cm³
  • Extruder/Nozzle temperature: 180-215 °C (recommended: 197 °C)
  • Bed temperature: 0-60 °C
  • Recommended processing speed: 25-100 mm/s
  • Melting temperature: 175 - 179 °C

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